Premium Australian honey

Our range of table and premium and Signature honey, from our bees to you, since 1896.

Bee hives in the bush

Premium table honey

Our 100% pure Australian honey is sourced from our very own bees who forage happily around a variety of high quality flows across Victoria and New South Wales, making for top-shelf, premium table honey. The golden good stuff is then simply transported to our HQ in Maldon, Victoria, spun from the hives, filtered and poured into your jar.

Five generations of loving bees

Warral Maldon is an Australian family business who have been doing what they do best for five and a half generations (we’ll have to wait to see what the kids get up to). From a passion ignited in a certain Edward Teague Penglase when he bought a book on beekeeping 1896 to an operation today that produces over 200 tonnes of honey, one thing has remained the same: bees love Warral, and we love bees.

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Howard Callaway
Honeycomb development

The world’s highest quality honey

Our global certifications say so, not just us. Everything Warral Maldon is BRCGS and B-Qual certified, meaning every aspect of our honey processing as well as our HQ in Maldon, Victoria where we take over from our bees has passed the most rigorous safety, quality and biosecurity standards. It’s something we’re proud to hang our hat on.

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“I inherited my love of bees from my Dad, Roger. We both love bees and over the years we’ve found they love Warral - like they have since 1896.”


Owner, Managing director.