Long-leaved box Bushman’s Hat Hill Signature honey: Nature Conservation Reserve 450g


Mountain forest woodland with grassy understories: it’s gorgeous, it’s rugged and it’s bushman’s honey. Every view is picture-worthy; it’s always a pleasure to work in this country.

The honey is medium to dark and of fair flavour – the kind you want in your tucker bag after a long day’s work, sitting around the fire with the billy on to boil.

Heavy and full-bodied with a little bite; not for the faint-hearted. A more mellow sweetness with notes of barley, coffee and dark chocolate.

Bees love Warral but due to border quarantine laws, WA and Tasmania do not - so unfortunately we cannot ship our products to those states. 

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You can see it…the bush, trees, rocky gorges, and incredible vistas. In the air, there’s the scent of flowers… and the sound of bees.

This is Ned Kelly country; it makes you want to lay out your swag and put the billy on to boil.”