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Our global and national food standard certifications speak for themselves. Warral Maldon is BRCGS and B-Qual certified, meaning every aspect of our honey, honeycomb and beeswax, as well as our HQ in Maldon, Victoria where we take over from our bees has passed the most rigorous safety, quality and biosecurity standards.

It’s something we’re proud to hang our hat on, and allows us to provide our stunning 100% Australian honey to individuals for their morning toast, all the way up to some of the world’s biggest food brands.

The importance of quality in the apiary industry

Beyond the fact that Warral Maldon and many other beekeepers like us simply want to provide the best quality product, working with Australia’s bees is a unique and challenging calling, with the quality of our output constantly under threat. Hives thrive on a delicate balance - one that needs to be struck year on year, with careful management, security, quality and safety measures. The danger to the wellbeing of our bees and our business comes from a few different directions, including pests and disease, sub-par imports, climate change and economic viability.

Biosecurity is a key concern, with many diseases being highly infectious between hives, carried by both people and hive materials. While we are lucky enough in Australia to remain free of the varroa mite which has ravaged many overseas apiaries, keeping our country free of further diseases is a constant battle fought by individual beekeepers all the way up to state and federal legislators.

Honey is a product that has long been the target of some pretty shifty business practises, particularly from cheap importers, including adding sweeteners and water to the product, mislabelling the botanical source and using excessive heat - all flooding the market, confusing consumers and substantially degrading the honey’s quality.

For all these reasons and more, quality control and food safety, as managed and certified by the below standards, is absolutely vital for us and for the wider apiary industry in Australia.

Complete hive-to-jar honey providence

Pick up a jar of honey in the supermarket, and it’ll most likely be made up of product from dozens of different beekeepers. Not so at Warral Maldon, where all 200 tonnes of the honey we package each year can be traced back to specific hives and hardworking bees from fantastic flows we’ve discovered in the wilds of Victoria and New South Wales.

This puts us in quite an uncommon and privileged position; honey producers in Australia tend to be small backyard beekeepers or large-scale operations involving hundreds of people. Sitting nicely in the middle allows us that hive-to-jar full honey providence, while being able to provide industrial quantities to large clients at the highest global standards.

Warra Maldon - Honeycomb and spoon

Find out more about BRCGS here

BRCGS certification

Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS) is our top-level global certification, with Warral Maldon joining over 29,000 suppliers across 130 countries who meet rigorous food quality, safety and operational criteria to protect our customers.

The all-encompassing standards across our products, plant, equipment and processes are difficult to attain and maintain, but it’s a standard we are more than happy to meet. Such a certification is also a requirement of the world’s largest food manufacturers including several of our key clients, putting Warral Maldon in the enviable position of being able to serve industrial clients of any size.

B-Qual certification

A certification owned and led by Australia’s honey industry, namely the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC), with an independently developed and audited food safety program. The B-Qual certification, administered by AUS-QUAL, aims to ensure that 90% of all honey produced in Australia reaches a certain high level of quality for both domestic and export markets, including the requirements of the European Union (EU), Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ). Enforcing a certain level of standardisation in quality and safety is good for us, good for our customers and good for our bees, covering biosecurity, pollination, queen breeding and honeycomb production.

HACCP management system

Included as part of both our B-Qual and BRCGS certifications, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an international food safety system that is all about recognising the points of risk in the food production process and mitigating those risks, alongside detailed planning and record-keeping. It’s an evidence-based approach that cements Warral Maldon’s commitment to quality and safety.

Kosher certified

Warral Maldon is also certified by Kosher Australia, after an in-house analysis process that encompasses a thorough audit of our plant, equipment and food processing standards.

Beyond being a requirement for our Jewish community, Kosher certification brings peace of mind for ourvegetarian and our Muslim consumers due to the synergies between Halal and Kosher requirements, as well as general assurance for anyone conscious of their food quality and safety.


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Mount Alexander Council registration

On a more local level, Warral Maldon is a registered food premises within central Victoria’s Mount Alexander Council, working closely with their Public and Environmental Health Unit and its Environmental Health Officers, adhering to further in-house analysis of our safety and sampling requirements.