100% pure Australian beeswax

Made with love by our very own bees, filtered and moulded in Maldon, Victoria.


100% pure Australian beeswax

Handmade by bees

Get your own golden slice of nature made, with a Warral Maldon square of 100% pure, beeswax.

Bee-made, hand-moulded

Our 100% pure Australian beeswax is sourced from our very own bees who forage happily around the eucalyptus and ground flora of Victoria and New South Wales.

The beeswax is simply spun from the hives, triple filtered and hand poured by our Warral team into the shape ready-made for your next creative or small business endeavour.


One of the world’s oldest and resources

Exceptional quality and colour with a subtle honey-like scent, from small 25g blocks through to 12kg bulk blocks. From wraps, candles, shoe and furniture polish through to cosmetics, lubricants and waterproofing, beeswax is one of nature’s oldest and most versatile resources.

Prepared to the highest quality standards

Everything Warral Maldon is BRCGS and B-Qual certified, meaning every aspect of our beeswax processing as well as our HQ in Maldon, Victoria where we take over from our bees has passed the most rigorous safety, quality and biosecurity standards. It’s something we’re proud to hang our hat on.

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"Beautiful, golden and with a lovely aroma that reminds me of my childhood helping out my dad Roger with moving hives, starting my love of all things bees and honey.”


Owner, Managing director.