Honey jar tealight candle


Weight: 60g
Dimensions: 55mm high x 53mm wide
Burn time: 6-8 hours

Our 100% Australian pure golden beeswax, lovingly extracted and filtered at our HQ in Maldon, Victoria, housed in our smallest honey jar with a forest-friendly wooden wick that crackles happily. Emits a small but mighty golden glow and that beautiful subtle honey scent that only beeswax can produce.

Bees love Warral but due to border quarantine laws, WA and Tasmania do not - so unfortunately we cannot ship our products to those states. 

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“Perfect for an essential oil burner, or along a table set up for a dinner party (placed around our pillar candle for an extra luxurious affair) – either way it’ll add a lovely golden ambiance to any room.”

More information

Why beeswax?

We know pure beeswax is a more unusual and pricey choice for a candle, but there are some very good reasons you should join us – and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

  • Our candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax, sourced from our very own bees who forage happily around the eucalyptus and ground flora of Victoria and New South Wales.
  • The beeswax is simply spun from the hives, triple filtered and poured into the shape of your candle – there are no additives, scents, paraffins, chemicals or fillers of any kind.
  • Beeswax burns hotter and longer than other toxic candles, meaning you’ll have their warm glow around your home for a good while!
  • They fill the room with a stunning but subtle swarm, sweet scent – we think it smells like home, and hope you love it too.
  • Burning beeswax is good for you. Our candles act as a natural air purifier by generating negative ions, which latch onto and remove positive ions in the air from dust, mould, pollen and odors. This is good news for those with respiratory problems like asthma, but everyone benefits from healthy air.
  • Beeswax candles are usually made in small batches by passionate beekeepers and bee-lovers, so you’re supporting our local Victorian business as well as the business of honey bees – who are vital for the health of Australia’s biodiversity and food system.
How to burn our beeswax candles
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