Wholesale beeswax

Our 100% Australian pure golden beeswax, lovingly extracted and filtered at our HQ in Maldon, Victoria, made by happy bees who have been foraging the beautiful honey flows across Victoria and New South Wales. Exceptional quality and colour with a subtle honey-like scent in a quantity large enough for hobbyists through to businesses small and large for whatever you wish to create. From wraps, candles, shoe and furniture polish through to cosmetics, lubricants and waterproofing, this is one of nature’s oldest and most versatile substances.

Product details

Three 4kg blocks make up our wholesale beeswax offering, packed into a 12kg carton.

Weight: 3x4kg, 12kg in total.
Dimensions (of each 4kg block): 45cm x 27cm x 4.5cm


For more information or to order a quantity of bulk beeswax, fill out the form below or email us directly here.

HQ & gift shop
35 Boundary Road, Maldon Vic 3463

Phone: 03 5475 2555
Fax: 03 5475 2511
Email: warral@warralhoney.com.au

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