Premium Honeycomb

Handmade by bees.

Get your own golden slice of nature made, with a Warral Maldon square of 100% pure, untouched honeycomb.


Capturing nature's best honey flows

Our custom honeycomb hives are a little different to the usual hives made to capture honey, fitted with individual cassettes the bees build the comb in - and are the very same ones that end up in your hands. 

These hives are placed in honey flows across farms and forests in Victoria and New South Wales, carefully selected by Managing Director Lindsay Callaway, who has over five generations of apiary knowledge under his belt. Setting our bees up with a good flow is vital, right when they can be at their most productive and taking advantage of beautiful eucalyptus flora at its peak.


Made by bees, not by humans

From hive to spoon, Warral Maldon honeycomb is untouched by human hands. As our bees craft the honeycomb directly into the cassettes themselves, there’s no need for it to be cut or manipulated in any way. Hold it up to the light and it’s like a golden window into the hive - it’s their best and tastiest work as pure and flawless as nature intended.

Minimal processing, lots of TLC

As the bees work with the most plentiful honey flows we can find, they fill up the honeycomb in just four short weeks. We then gently nudge the bees into a standard honey hive and take each cassette which is then simply removed, covered with a lid and labelled according to our global food standards at our HQ in Maldon, Victoria.


“Our honeycomb is a glorious addition to a cheese board, a decadent topping for salads and  desserts, or simply scoop it up to slather on buttered toast, or directly into your mouth - don’t tell anyone, but it’s my personal favourite.”


Owner, Managing director.