100% pure Australian beeswax


Available in:

  • Small blocks – 25g each
  • Medium blocks – 1kg each
  • Medium(ish) blocks – 1.5kg each
  • Large blocks – 4kg each
  • Carton – 12kg (3 x 4kg blocks)

Exceptional quality and colour with a subtle honey-like scent. From wraps, candles, shoe and furniture polish through to cosmetics, lubricants and waterproofing, beeswax is one of nature’s oldest and most versatile resources.

Bees love Warral but due to border quarantine laws, WA and Tasmania do not - so unfortunately we cannot ship our products to those states. 

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“Beautiful, golden and with a lovely aroma that reminds me of my childhood helping out my dad Roger pouring beeswax, starting my love of all things bees and honey.”