Giant mallee Goat Track Signature honey: Wilderness Country 450g


If ever honey can be hard-earned, this one would be it. Foraged in a remote, sandy part of the world, we get our trucks, people and bees alike in via a track even the goats would be hesitant to take.

A beautiful, medium amber colour that’s strong, buttery and pleasant on the tongue with medium complexity and a slight creaminess.

Bees love Warral but due to border quarantine laws, WA and Tasmania do not - so unfortunately we cannot ship our products to those states. 

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Far from home, travelling from somewhere to nowhere, we escort our bees along tracks that are often only travelled by goats – the wild kind. 

Our trucks (and our people) are put through their paces in this rugged, sandy wilderness country where bees fill their hives with Goat Track Honey.