River red gum Signature honey: My Mum’s Favourite 450g


Lindsay thought he was his mum’s favourite but it turns out he’s no match for her favourite honey, from the majestic river red gum.

It’s more than fitting to begin our new Signature line as a testament to Edna Callaway, a strong, smart woman who has been the backbone of Warral for decades and built it with her husband Roger so it can be what it is today.

River red gum honey is clear and golden, full of flavour. A particulary thick honey that’s smooth on the palate.


Bees love Warral but due to border quarantine laws, WA and Tasmania do not - so unfortunately we cannot ship our products to those states. 

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“I worked with bees, then packed and sold honey for more than 33 years. I got to know honey by its colour, texture and taste. Red Gum has always been my favourite. It’s a seasonal honey – first you’re rewarded by the aroma of the nectar and then its lovely sweetness. 

I’m very pleased and thrilled to see my son, Lindsay, continuing the family’s love of bees, and honey – including his Mum’s favourite! Enjoy!”





Edna Callaway, Lindsay’s mum