Pure beeswax candles

Made with love by our very own bees and hand-poured in Maldon, Victoria.

Our pure beeswax candle range


The ultimate golden glow

So we may be a little biased with this one, but we genuinely believe beeswax makes the most beautiful candles. Once you’ve experienced them, it’s hard to go back to their soy or toxic paraffin distant cousins. Not only does beeswax burn hotter, longer and is better for you by acting as a natural air purifier, that unique golden glow really is a beautiful thing. So go on, try one out for yourself.

Capturing nature's best honey flows

Our custom honeycomb hives are a little different to the usual hives made to capture honey, fitted with individual cassettes the bees build the comb in - and are the very same ones that end up in your hands. 

These hives are placed in honey flows across farms and forests in Victoria and New South Wales, carefully selected by Managing Director Lindsay Callaway, who has over five generations of apiary knowledge under his belt. Setting our bees up with a good flow is vital, right when they can be at their most productive and taking advantage of beautiful eucalyptus flora at its peak.


Bee-made, hand-poured

Our candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax, sourced from our very own bees who forage happily around the eucalyptus and ground flora of Victoria and New South Wales.

The beeswax is simply spun from the hives, triple filtered and hand poured by our Warral team into the shape of your candle - there are no additives, scents, paraffins, chemicals or fillers of any kind.

Crackly wooden wicks

All our candles feature a forest-friendly, sustainably-sourced wooden wick that burns with a soft, comforting crackle. We love a good campfire while out camping on the long weeks in rural Australia looking after our hives, and the sound reminds us of those times - we hope it evokes a similar happy memory for you, too.


“There’s nothing better than that wholesome golden glow that only beeswax can bring. It makes parties more fun, dinners more romantic and turns a house into a home.”


Owner, Managing director.