Warral Waggle Newsletter: Summer 2021

New Warral Maldon website: our brand and online store

We’re thrilled to move into our new virtual home at warralmaldon.com.au, housing everything you need to know about us, whether you’re a food distributor looking for information on a bulk order, someone looking for a gift idea for Mother’s Day or want to learn a little more about the beekeeping industry. Read all about the history of Warral Maldon (including some old family photos), download product specification sheets for wholesale clients, and learn about our approach to pollination.   In one of the biggest changes, the website is a big step towards being more present in the retail space, with honey, our fabulous honeycomb, our first candle (more to come!), pure beeswax and gift packs available for sale online, delivered almost anywhere across Australia.   And as a thank you to our closest friends and fans, we’re offering free shipping on all orders for a limited time only – and we’d love your feedback on your experience with the website, your order or anything else you want to share.

HQ gift shop now open: first gift packs on the move

  Our HQ gift shop located at 35 Boundary Road, Maldon opened mid-December, just in time for people to come in for some last minute Christmas shopping. We were overwhelmed by the support and lovely comments from our community, and the excitement people brought from far and wide to experience our new retail space. Beautifully painted and decorated with our honey, honeycomb, beeswax, apparel and gift packs set out wonderfully by our team, we think it definitely merits a stop on your next visit to Maldon and central Victoria.   To help kick off this exciting new retail stage of our business, we also said thank you to loyal friends, family and the farmers on whose land we house some of our hives by sending out an exclusive gift pack – also received with so much enthusiasm. We’re so excited to share our hard work with everyone.Our HQ gift shop is open from 10am – 3pm Mondays to Fridays – come say hello!  

New season, new hives, new queens

We’re still on our way towards a rapid expansion for our apiary, from currently around 2,600 hives projected to over 4,000 by the end of 2022. It’s a huge undertaking, with delivery of 36,000 new frames, 2,000 boxes, 900 clearance boards and 1,400 excluders, all while keeping up with everything our current bees require. These new materials also need a lot of work before they become functioning hives, including assembling, waxing, painting and branding as well as building the pallets they need to go on, breeding the queens and sustainably splitting broods into nuclei to make new ones. And none of it can be done without the dedication and hard work of every Warral Maldon staff member.   Not only do we want to harvest more honey for our growing wholesale and retail lines, but the demand for hives in the world of pollination is only getting higher and higher, particularly in the almond industry whose product is 100% reliant on bee pollination. Only one of these almond growers needs over 60,000 hives just in Victoria – so you can see our hurry to develop more! With a focus on quality alongside happy, healthy queens and her hives – it’s a long process, but well worth it in the end to keep beautiful Warral honey flowing.

Product showcase: 100% pure honeycomb

Our honeycomb isn’t one you’ll find anywhere, being untouched by human hands from the hive to your spoon. The custom honeycomb hives are a little different to the usual ones made to capture honey, fitted with individual cassettes the bees build the comb in – and are the very same ones that end up in your hands. As our bees craft the honeycomb directly into the cassettes themselves, there’s no need for it to be cut or manipulated in any way by us. Hold it up to the light and it’s like a golden window into the hive – it’s their best and tastiest work as pure and flawless as nature intended. Find our honeycomb online and at our HQ gift shop, deep and golden and ready for a cheese board or dolloped on a good pav.  

Mum’s favourite: new signature line coming soon

Lindsay always thought he was his mum’s favourite, but reality is another story when it comes to stunning single-source red gum honey produced from flows along the mighty Murray River. This one will be the first in our new Signature line of honeys, each showcasing a particular delicious flora, sourced directly from hive to jar. Each also tells a story that’s part of Warral Maldon – and Mum’s Favourite is about honouring Lindsay’s mum Edna who was essential in building Warral to what it is today, including finding the name ‘Warral’ in a book on “Aboriginal Place Names and their Meaning” on her honeymoon. Our first Signature jars will roll out of HQ in the coming months – here’s to five more generations of Warral honey to come.