It’s here! Warral Honey is Warral Maldon.

It’s not every day you unveil the new look of your family business of five generations, so I’m pretty thrilled to show you what we’ve been working hard on the last several months.

Our passion for our bees and what we do with their amazing honey isn’t going anywhere, but you’ll notice a lot of exciting updates to our brand and business, including our logo, packaging and how we share our story with you. We’ve dropped the word ‘honey’ from our main business name – not because we’ve stopped producing it, but there’s just so much else we do (and want to do!) that goes beyond honey.

Instead, we’ve adopted the word ‘Maldon’ just like that lovely little town has adopted us and our business for the last 7 years or so. I really wanted to speak to the provenance of our honey, and the work that goes into securing the right flows, taking care of our bees and finding those unique places in the Australian bush that produce some very special editions of the good gold stuff.

The lines within the letters of our new logo reflect just that – contour lines of the land and its flora that make our honey, as well as the pattern warm honey makes drizzled thick on a slice of toast.

Keep an eye out for our 14kg buckets that will be the first to roll out with the new labelling from mid-June.

It’s all been happening! Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new era for Warral Maldon, and what we’ve still got in store.
See you around,

Lindsay Callaway

Owner/Managing Director

Warral Maldon