Warral Maldon’s busy start to 2021

What a relief to finally see 2021! To our friends, family, suppliers, clients, partners and local community, I hope the new year has brought with it some measure of hope for what’s to come.

At Warral Maldon the second year of the decade started in the middle of a very busy honey harvest season, with my team and I spending long days and nights on the road trucking our bees across the wilderness seeking the best honey flows. They’re kept safe and cool though, with the innovative features and mesh curtains on our trucks.

There’s still so much going on behind the scenes here, all of it extremely exciting. Drop by our HQ and you’ll see our beautiful new on-site gift shop, while our brand new website showcases our company and brand like I’ve always envisioned it, as one of Australia’s top apiaries producing quality honey, beeswax and pollination services, telling our unique five-generation long story, as well as the passion for bees and what they make for us.

The gift shop and website together mark our dedicated expansion into retail, with an online store selling honey, beeswax, honeycomb, gifts and Warral Maldon apparel (I recommend the the insulated keep cup tumblers, they’re a team favourite and keep my cuppa hot for hours on the road) which can now be delivered straight to your door – no longer any need to keep asking me where you can buy our honey!

All this alongside a huge new pollination project, expanding product range and thousands more hives in the making, this year is a big one for everyone and everything Warral Maldon. I hope you’ll join us for the ride.

My best wishes,

Lindsay Callaway

Owner/Managing Director

Warral Maldon